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9am-11am Emily Marie- Undulation Creation

Focusing building a fluid undulation that you can get creative with. We will work on the undulation itself but we will also learn traveling steps, combinations and adding some shimmies with them. This workshop will teach you how to play and create moves with undulations that will add diversity to your dance.

9am-11am Aleya of Cairo- Saucy Saidi

Saidi dance is done with a cane and it derives from Upper Egypt. It is mainly a men’s dance but Egyptian females have made it acceptable to use in a show. Many instructors now teach the male version of saidi but in this workshop we will be covering more fun and flirty and feminine movements. I will also show you tips and tricks to engage your audience to have fun. A choreography to Saidi music will follow.

11am-1pm Roshana- Intro to Persian Dance

The country of Iran is rich with history, culture, and art, including a wide variety of beautiful dance styles. This workshop topic is one of Roshana’s specialities, including detailed cultural and historical explanations, as well as movement breakdown for Classical Persian dances, Modern and Pop dances, and a couple of Folk Dance styles.

Everyone benefits from this workshop! Experience in Persian dance is not necessary; this informative and thoroughly enjoyable workshop is beneficial for those who have never taken a Persian dance class and dancers who are already familiar with these styles.

*Please wear pants/leggings and as additional props bring a full circle skirt and a basket if you have one (optional).

11am-1pm Tiffany Adhia- Brazilian Samba Fusion

Brazilian Samba is a high energy, rhythmical dance that traces back to Brazil’s African heritage. This workshop introduces you to typical Samba arm, feet, and hip movements and shows you how to connect Bellydance with popular Brazilian music. Students will build stamina and coordination as well as learn new combinations and a short choreography. Get ready to sweat and have fun!

1pm-130pm Lunch

130pm-430pm Competition

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7pm-1030pm Dinner Show Aleya_250

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9am-11am Mavi Clay- Drills in the Dark

Turn your personal drills into performance thrills with Mavi’s intensive training. Hone your existing abilities, take them to the next level, and unleash your inner power. Mavi takes you through the traditional drills, hips to head, adding twists of dark drama and nuance to make your drills stage-ready. After all, what’s skill without style?  Nobody said it had to be boring…This workshop is accessible to all levels.

11am-1pm Aleya- Working from the Core: Unlocking the Key to Egyptian Dance

Learn to utilize your core to achieve that beautiful, gooey feeling of Egyptian dance.  This workshop will focus on muscle tension and relaxation, to get that “Egyptian feeling” of deep and delicious movement coming from your soul.

1pm-130pm Lunch

130-330pm Roshana- The Essence of Tarab

Create living poetry and dance with your heart and soul! We will work on a fluid and expressive choreography to a Tarab musical piece, with plenty of room for personal expression. Roshana will cover technique, musicality, breath and effective body language for emotional projection, interpretation of the meaning in the lyrics and the emotion in the music.

330-530pm Aleya- Meleya Leff Choreography

Join us for a fantastic workshop learning the dance of Alexandria also called Eskandrani or Maleya Leff. This is a dance derived from folklore and it has a cute, flirty, playful way about it. “Melaya Leff” means “a scarf, which covers” The melaya is a long wide shawl or scarf that women used to wear when they go out. It covers the whole costume and underneath the costume is a cute dress usually with ruffles. The headscarf has flowers or pompoms and sometimes a face veil is worn as a more coquettish style. This is one of the favorite folklore dances of the Egyptians. The dance presents scenes of the Mediterranean fishing lifestyle of the people of Alexandria. In this workshop we will learn a sassy, fun choreography to the song Sok Bena which is a very popular song used for this dance in Egypt. Please bring a melaya scarf or big veil to the class,( if it’s heavy it’s easier to control) and prepare to be sassy and playful.

530-730pm Roshana- Oriental Technique and Combos

Learn Roshana’s unique and graceful Oriental dance technique, focusing on fluidity, stylization/posture, emotional connection, and musicality. This dynamic and inspiring workshop will commence with a warm-up, leading into a continuous flow of guided, follow-along dancing in which several techniques will be introduced. We will then incorporate these techniques into combinations to a variety beautiful music with different tempos and rhythms to showcase the versatility of these combinations.

530-730pm Mavi Clay- Arm Yourself!

Tribal Fusion offers so many opportunities for the beautiful baring of arms.  They can be soft as a whisper, sharp as a blade — draw you in or push you away.  This all-levels workshop will explore the use of arms to expound emotion, highlight movement and create beauty.  We’ll explore drills that help overcome common barriers to beautiful arms, strength training, and fast and slow flow combinations that can be adapted for your personal practice and performance.

9pm-11pm Saturday Gala Show

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9am-11am Roshana- Arabic Pop Choreography

In this workshop, we will work on a challengingly fun, fluid and dynamic choreography to a modern popular Arabic song. Our emphasis will be on hip work, turns, footwork, timing, and of course…lots of room for your personality to shine!

11am-1pm Aleya- 5 Part Egyptian Choreography for Stage

Most show’s in Cairo start with a long 5 part oriental piece to show the skills of the dancer.  There are dynamic music changes that take you and your audience through many emotions.  The entrance, taqsim,  saidi, khaleegy,  and exit.  This workshop will teach you to interpret all of the music and dance to the piece so your audience is captivated by your show.  We will be using a beautiful song recorded in Cairo by a band for our musical interpretation. Please bring a veil.

11am-1pm Mavi Clay- Fire and Glow Props for Belly Dancers

Add a bit of spice to your performances with Fire and glowing props! Mavi will walk you through props suitable for “restaurant” & “outdoor” venues, covering the basics of fire safety, performance tips, and techniques to make your performances shine.

1pm-130pm Lunch

130pm-330pm Tiffany Ahdia- Lebanese Pop

This workshop will cover a full choreography of one of Lebanon’s newest, most popular songs! We will begin with a full warm-up and overview of some of the more difficult combinations, followed by a breakdown of the songs rhythms and lyrics and the unique stylizations of Lebanese bellydance. By the end of the class, we will perform the choreography in small groups and learn how to add your own personal touch to the movements to make it your own.

130pm-330pm Mavi Clay-Sword Salon

Learn Mavi’s groundbreaking approach to  sword work that has inspired dancers across the world.  Through intentional practice, education and exploration learn to use your sword as a powerful partner in your dance.  Participants will learn sword combinations, practice sword movement and flow for beautiful choreography, and practice various body balance points for both single and double sword work. This salon will include ‘levels’ of exercises, allowing beginning students to learn and practice basic techniques, while allowing intermediate and advanced students to add and practice additional levels of difficulty.


330-530pm Aleya- Funky Shaabi

Shabbi is a popular style of music/dance in Cairo right now and it comes from “shab” meaning people.  All belly dance moves are done in shabbi dances but they are done with a lower stance and relaxed posture.  This is not your ordinary belly dance.  This class will focus on very fast music and interpreting the funk of shabbi.  This is hip hop in the Middle East.  You will learn some interesting shabbi moves and different locks and accents not normally used in belly dance.   We will finish with choreography to show you how to incorporate these moves into your new, fun dance.

Private Lessons are available with Roshana Nofret. Please contact us to register. 

Booked 115-215

530-730pm Tiffany Adhia- Shaketon Fusion

Reggaeton is a popular Latin music and dance style that has migrated its way into US rap and hip-hop culture. This workshop teaches popular movements and combinations to the unmistakable “dem bow” rhythm. You’ll be surprised to see how similar some of the movements and rhythms are to Bellydance! At the end, we will put it all together for a killer choreography to one of Reggaeton’s most famous rappers. This workshop is guaranteed to have you shaking and shimmying in no time!