Instructor Bios

Roshana Nofret‏

Roshana Nofret is an international performer, instructor, and choreographer of Oriental Dance, Persian, Middle Eastern and Silk Road classical and folkloric dances. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of M.E.C.A. Dance Ensemble based in South Florida.

Born of Cuban parents with Spanish and Lebanese background, this Miami native is a soulful and multifaceted artist whom has been dedicated to researching and practicing the art of Middle Eastern and Silk Road dances from the young age of 14, training with — as well as sharing the stage — with many of the most prestigious artists of this genre. She credits her most influential dance instructors, Tamalyn Dallal and Bozenka, as her mentors.

Roshana is most known for the deep emotional connection of her performances, as well as musical and technical fluidity, and versatility to be equally at home performing and teaching any of a variety of authentic styles and fusions.


Aleya of Cairo‏

Aleya Of Cairo is a highly sought after oriental dancer, choreographer and instructor. She has performed on The Nile Maxim, The Nile Pharon, and many Five Star hotels in Cairo, as well as at many Red Sea resorts and in countless festivals. In 2012, she was a featured instructor at Egypt’s Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival, the world’s largest belly dance event, and also had the honor of dancing for The Royal Family Of Qatar.  She also recently appeared performing as a guest teacher on choreographer Raqia Hassan’s Volume 12 Choreography DVD.

In 2008, she moved to Egypt to immerse herself in the culture and pursue her dream of working as a professional belly dancer. The decision was easy for Aleya, who had traveled there every year to study with the masters of belly dance such as, Raqia Hassan, Mahmoud Reda, Dina, Randa Kamel, Tito, Aida Noor, and many others.

Aleya’s style of belly dance is delightful, entertaining and energetic, which is why- hamdalillah– she is always in demand.


Tiffany Ahdia

Tiffani Ahdia is an international performing bellydance artist, instructor, and choreographer based in West Virginia in the USA. She has 17 years of training in the styles of ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, swing, ballroom, Brazilian samba, hip-hop, reggaeton, and pointe and began her Middle Eastern dance studies in 2007 with some of the industry’s most desirable teachers.

Tiffani’s specialties are Egyptian, Lebanese, Turkish, and Latin Fusion styles. She is a highly sought-after instructor whose most recent accomplishment includes starring in her first full length instructional Samba Fusion DVD to be released in Fall 2013 by Cheeky Girl Productions!

Tiffani will also be a featured instructor in the first annual Maryland Bellydance Convention. She has been featured entertainment for numerous shows, haflas, competitions, and restaurants all across the United States and was recently featured in the popular online reality show called Project Bellydance: The Search for America’s Top Bellydancer where she placed in the top 6 overall internationally. Tiffani’s love of culture doesn’t stop with just the arts. When Tiffani isn’t dancing, she holds a full time position at a local university and is an advocate for cultural awareness and peace education in her state.


Raluca Ghiban

The nostalgia for the “Golden Era of Belly Dance” is kept alive through the mesmerizing dance of Raluca Ghiban -professional belly dance artist,cultural dance entertainer and choreographer-which transcends us to a lost oriental land full of mystery,glamor and beauty. Charismatic with a twist of sophistication her distinguishing classic elegance brings her dancing to everyone’s heart.

Raluca Ghiban won the admiration of her audiences through her amazing talent , besides Classical Egyptian Oriental Dance , Raluca offers spicy folk dances around middle east and eastern europe ( iskandarany, fellahin , nubian, ghawazee , balady , shabbi,dances from Tunisia and Saudi Arabia, romani/gypsy dances from Romania ) , often seen using a variety of props like veils,zills,swords,cane,shamadan, tambourine , isis wings , fan veils , dumbek , water jug and much more.

In 2012 Dallas ,Tx Raluca won first place at the Queen of Raks Sharqi Belly dance competition with famous egyptian dancers judges like Mona El Said , Aida Nour , Dandash, Osama Emam, Lubna Emam and Friz.

She was exclusively invited to perform for the Jellesy Jeans Fasion Event in Hollywood,Ca by fashion designer Steven Shaul ( hoast of High Maintenance TV show ) , event broadcasted by Fashion TV and VH1 the letter by which she was interviewed.

She performed on live music by Mario Reyes of Gypsy Kings and Elan Vital in Hollywood ,Ca , on live music with Raqui and The Cavemen NYC, and many live band in Detroit and Dallas, also she had performed for great talents of belly dance like Dina, Khaled Mahmoud, Nour, Sahra Saeeda, Asi Haskal, Osama Emam and many others.

She’s been featured in The Blowing Trees music video “The Day the World Left Me” as several movies produced by Savannah Collage of Art and Design students including a documentary about middle eastern dance.


Emily Marie is originally from Cincinnati Ohio, and started belly dancing here in her hometown around 2001. But she has traveled and belly danced professionally in Vancouver, Canada and in Eilat, Israel.  She has worked with many troupes along the way, and as a popular professional belly dancer for many events, restaurants, and parties. Emily Marie was the winner of the professional division in the Cincinnati Belly Dance Convention in 2012. Her style is a modern blend of classical Egyptian style with influences of American Cabaret. Emily Marie is also a teacher here in Cincinnati, where she teaches classes for beginners and advanced. Her love for the dance is evident when she performs along her passion to share this art form this with her students.


Amel Tafsout

Raised in Algeria, Amel Tafsout (meaning ‘Hopes of Spring’) is an inspirational first source master dancer, choreographer, instructor, frame drummer, singer, and energy worker.  She’s recognized as one of the finest exponents of North African traditional and contemporary Maghreb Dance of our time. Through her research in dance anthropology, and a long training in various healing practices, Amel’s knowledge of her culture and her experience in many dance styles and music make her very unique.  Fluent in 5 languages, she is always aware of the impact that cultures have in art and how that can be expressed in dance.

Amel developed, reconstructed and stylized the Maghreb dances through her dance experience, her research, her teaching and performances.  She currently lives in the US, and continues to mesmerize audiences around the world with the earthy fluidity of her dance, her stunning stage presence and great spirituality.  She has been featured in Die Oriental (Germany), Raks Britania (UK), Harambee Africa, Womad (UK & Spain), as well as many festivals in the US.  She has also worked with many well-known musicians, such as Cheb Abdelkader, Hassan Erraji, Ishmael and Saladin’s Orchestra.


Mavi Clay

Mavi is the blue-haired Maven of Mayhem: a fusion belly dance and fire arts performer known for her compelling presence, dark aesthetic, and mastery of blades. She is a sought after international fusion artist, teaching and performing at festivals, cultural events, circuses, and anywhere there’s mayhem to be had.

An early student of classical Egyptian and Turkish belly dance, Mavi was drawn to tribal fusion’s stylistic strength and the thoughtful fusion of ancient and modern. She began performing professionally in 2002, and changed the face of sword performance in belly dance through her solo work and with the Tribal Fusion duo Romka.  She was a featured performer on the Gothic Belly Dance Revelations DVD by World Dance New York and has shared the stage with national and international acts (Peter Murphy, Chebb i Sabbah, Beats Antique, the Dresden Dolls, Android Lust, and Corvus Corax).  She also toured as the featured dancer with the internationally acclaimed band Turku.

Mavi is known for her engaging, empowering teaching style, designed to help dancers break out of the box and realize their full potential. Mavi has taught sold out workshops around the world at festivals such as Tribal Fest (CA), Gothla UK, and TribOriginal.  She also co-produces the monthly “DC Tribal Cafe” in Washington DC and pays homage to her love of the vaudeville arts as part of the Moonshine Cabaret.